Mar 07, 2017

CENTRUM Collection

A unique furniture collection by G. Bosnas

Centrum Collection by George Bosnas.

As the title implies, Centrum Collection is the main collection of Anesis manufacturer, created in collaboration with the designer George Bosnas. Its simplicity is achieved through a complex design process and an eloquent combination of a variety of materials. Centrum Collection is a like-minded furniture series, which forms a complete suggestion for any residential or professional space. G. Bosnas embraces minimalism, translating it in a unique combination of geometries and textures. He mixes raw materials, solid wood and metal with basic shapes, tubes, circles and boxes, composing a contemporary set of furniture. The Centrum Collection is friendly, yet austere, simple and elegant and most importantly, offers timeless ease and its accepting character can graciously reflect to any space you dream of. Our Centrum Collection comprises of four unique pieces: Atia chair (A74), Tarco table (T152), Tekka Bookcase (B602), and Kirko Sideboard (M510).


Atia chair | (A 74)

The Atia chair embodies the aesthetics of simplicity and sophistication. Looking friendly, due to its curves, it still maintains the austerity of industrial minimalism. Solid and quality materials ensure the feeling of comfort that makes this chair suitable for any space.



Tarco table | (T152)

Tarco is a handsome and original dining table, featuring modern and industrial lines. Its solid ash wood frame, hard surface, simple and clean lines create a gorgeous and energetic extendable table that can enhance your dining room and easily fit in different aesthetics. An innovative design that adds a unique modern feel to any space. The item is flat-packed for an efficient shipping and it is easily assembled.


Tekka table | (B602)

Give your space an urban update with the industrial-inspired bookcase Tekka. In addition to providing useful storage solutions for your most treasured items that you’d like to showcase, its curved design that combines harmoniously wood and metal, brings the absolute contemporary style in your space. Its simple and elegant design can suit all of your demands and totally communicates the industrial chic feeling we were aiming for! This item comes also as a flat-pack for an efficient shipping and it is easily assembled.



Kirko sideboard | (Μ510)

Kirko breaths style and sophistication in addition to providing useful and storage options. Finished in a sandy beige color with contrasting dark steel legs this unit will become your ally in your clutter free lifestyle with its 2-drawer and 2-door design. Its neutral, earthy colors compliment any room without overwhelming it. Curves, metal and lacquer in harmony with oak and hard surfaces, designed by George Bosnas.

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