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Marien family

Indulge in the harmonious blend of comfort and quality philosophy with the MARIEN seating family. Our MARIEN chair, in three distinct versions, caters to diverse tastes:

  • All Upholstery for Ultimate Comfort: Immerse yourself in luxury with plush seating, and inviting relaxation.
  • All Upholstery with Backrest Hole for Retro Vibes: Channel nostalgic charm with an all-upholstered design and a strategically placed hole, adding a unique and playful touch.
  • Veneered Back for Timeless Elegance: Exemplify timeless elegance with a sleek veneer, complementing the lightweight design and smooth curves for a sophisticated touch.

Our stools, available in two heights, are meticulously handcrafted with the finest materials, ensuring durability and unparalleled comfort. Customize your MARIEN bar stools with a selection of wood finish and upholstery, tailoring them to your space and preferences.

The MARIEN family is a testament to the meticulous fusion of lightweight design and seamless curves, promising an enchanting seating experience. Each version embodies our commitment to form and function, offering choices for ultimate comfort, retro charm, or timeless elegance. Welcome to a realm where sophistication meets comfort—the MARIEN family. Explore our versatile array, curate your space, and embrace the epitome of style and relaxation.


Om collection

Discover the OM COLLECTION: Transform your spaces with the soothing allure of circular design elements by anesis. The Om collection is distinguished by its clear, flowing design principles, emanating dynamism through both the minimal, circular lines and organic materials of the furniture. Simultaneously, the sweet earthy tones of the wood create a dynamic contrast with the metallic framework, generating exceptional energy for any space.

The flowing lines and hollow element present in the Om sideboard, Halla chairs, and Cludo table, whether with or without ceramic, infuse the room with a warm, organic ambiance. The circle, as a shape, symbolizes fluidity, energy, and strength. Its completeness suggests infinity, unity, and harmony. Additionally, circles offer protection, endurance, and restriction, defining boundaries and fostering safety and connection.

Designed by Athanasios Babalis, the Om sideboard, Halla chairs by Lorenz+Kaz, and the Cludo table by anesis collectively embrace flowing lines, organic design, and circular elements, embodying a perpetual sense of motion, unity, and protection.

KAPPA collection

A Symphony of Symmetry

In the KAPPA collection, every piece tells a story of balance and symmetry. The dining table is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship, with its sleek lines and symmetrical composition. The chairs, designed with the utmost care, provide not just seating but an experience of comfort like no other. Completing the ensemble, the sideboard is a masterpiece of storage solutions, marrying practicality with breathtaking design. Each piece in the KAPPA collection is a work of art, ready to take center stage in your dining room, commanding attention and admiration.

The KAPPA Collection is available in a natural finish, accentuating the inherent beauty of wood with its warm and inviting tones. The natural wood colors exude a sense of elegance and simplicity, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your dining room.

For those seeking a more extravagant and contemporary aesthetic, we proudly present an alternative version in bold black and captivating terracotta colors. Dive into the trendsetting world of terracotta, a color that pays homage to the vibrancy of life itself.

Anesis expands the color palette with the introduction of ‘terracotta.’ This classic hue, reminiscent of deep red brick, symbolizes the power of nature and our connection to the earth beneath our feet. The rich color echoes the enduring force that sustains us, representing solidity, groundedness, and substance. ‘Terracotta’ is an organic symphony that reconnects us with the original beauty of the earth.

RIDEAU collection

Α Dance of Textures and Luxury

The RIDEAU collection is a celebration of textures and haute couture design. Within the RIDEAU collection, the spotlight shines on prestigious luxury and a symphony of materials, serving as the defining allure of this extraordinary ensemble. Every element within this opulent collection is a masterpiece, intricately designed to achieve a seamless fusion of textures and unparalleled aesthetic brilliance.

The dining table stands as the epitome of sophistication, boasting a textured surface that serves as a tactile invitation to a world of luxury. Its rich materials, including wood, ceramic, metal, and glass, coalesce to form a visual masterpiece that not only appeals to the eyes but also invites touch, encouraging a sensorial appreciation of fine craftsmanship.

The MARIEN UP chairs elevate the dining experience with their ergonomic design and lavish upholstery. Comfortable curves and meticulous detailing showcase an unwavering commitment to both style and relaxation. These seats transform ordinary meals & meetings into extraordinary occasions, where indulgence and leisure seamlessly intertwine.

The RIVANO sideboard, a singular statement piece within the collection, is a work of art on its own. Its design, envisioned by the industrious mind of Georgios Bosnas, not only fulfills functional storage needs but also stands as a testament to the marriage of form and function. With exquisite craftsmanship and an attention-commanding presence, the sideboard becomes a conversation starter, contributing to the overall grandeur of the RIDEAU Collection.

In essence, the RIDEAU Collection transcends the conventional boundaries of luxury dining. It transforms each gathering into a ceremonious celebration of taste and aesthetics, where every piece is a gem contributing to the symphony of elegance and opulence that defines this extraordinary collection.

Iris family

Good, solid craftsmanship is one of our favourite qualities when it comes to creating new designs. Moreover, we always use nature’s most durable materials creating valuable items, as they’re tailor-made and perfected into beautiful and timeless designs.

The IRIS family is a solid wood seating series that combines a strong geometrical simplicity with flowing graphic lines, which provide modern style to your space,
along with comfort and functionality. It consists of the IRENE chair, the IRIS armchair and the IRIDA stools, which can be produced in different heights and in different finishes.

The IRIS family is designed by Athanasios Babalis and it is suitable for both residential and contract use.

Ava family

The AVA family is a solid wood series of seating furniture designed by the Italian studio Lorenz+Kaz.

AVA family gracefully encompasses in its design, the designers’ identity values: Nordic blood, Italian spirit. The ensemble of the AVA family comprises chairs and bar stools, playing with different heights & upholstery, to fit all the needs, spaces & personalities. The AVA chairs & stools are characterized by durable craftsmanship and minimal design lines, which flow into each other and bring out the art of natural simplicity, which is so much needed in our daily lives. 

The AVA family is suitable for both contract and residential use. 

TRAVA collection

The TRAVA collection, designed by Konrad Lohöfener, is inspired by the minimal lines and creative intersections found in architecture.  The idea behind the TRAVA collection was to develop a very stable, yet light-weight supporting structure of items.

The TRAVA table is a piece made out of honesty, a principle that maintains this furniture series. The table top is made of glass and all components are consciously connected with visible screws – it is the element of purity that really interests Konrad Lohöfener. The construction of the TRAVA table is not hidden, but on the contrary: it is made visible. Someone can literally read off how the table top’s weight slides over the intersections of the steel profiles and finally onto the oak legs.

The TRAVA sideboard and bench were developed following the same mentality & construction principles. Additionally, material-saving furniture and the smallest possible volume in transport will play a major role in the future, thus all individual parts of the TRAVA collection can be dismantled. This constitutes TRAVA as very space-saving when it comes to shipping. 

HABA collection

Feel the rhythm and follow the beat. 

The HABA COLLECTION explores a soothing mood that combines contemporary aesthetics with retro touches. This mood is inspired by the Scandinavian minimal nature and the capriciousness of the Mediterranean landscape.

It is composed of the Hubo table, the Habba sideboard and the Mossa chair.

Placed side by side, they create a pleasant relaxation area which brings emphasis and playful notes on functionality that suits the daily needs of a modern home, with the simplicity of contemporary design.


LEON collection

The distinguishing feature of the LEON collection is wood. Solid wood, as a natural material, inspires calmness and relaxation. LEON is a synthesis that transmits these feelings visually as well as physically. The subtle, oval shapes of its items offer a certain softness in its otherwise minimal and functional design.

LEON items come with elegant details and exclusive finishes, in an all wooden and visually light & natural construction at the same time. The Galicia chair, the Leon sideboard and the Gallo table are part of the LEON family.

O Collection

The “O” collection is a unique family of solid American walnut furniture designed to seamlessly blend into any environment. Walnut is a demanding material to manipulate, making the finished product something to really appreciate. The concept was to reduce visual complexity and grow a series of subtle and continuous outlines, creating soft shapes and organic outlines that flow into each other. Circles as the central geometric symbol create a sense of wholeness, tranquility, luxury and understated elegance. The outcome is a series of high quality, classic and timeless objects that benefit from Anesis’ manufacturing proficiency. The O collection is a family of furniture pieces including two arm-chair designs (Olete and Olina), a dining table (Olito), and a sideboard (Omicron) designed by Athanasios Babalis. 

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