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KAPPA collection

KAPPA collection

A Symphony of Symmetry

In the KAPPA collection, every piece tells a story of balance and symmetry. The dining table is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship, with its sleek lines and symmetrical composition. The chairs, designed with the utmost care, provide not just seating but an experience of comfort like no other. Completing the ensemble, the sideboard is a masterpiece of storage solutions, marrying practicality with breathtaking design. Each piece in the KAPPA collection is a work of art, ready to take center stage in your dining room, commanding attention and admiration.

The KAPPA Collection is available in a natural finish, accentuating the inherent beauty of wood with its warm and inviting tones. The natural wood colors exude a sense of elegance and simplicity, creating a harmonious atmosphere in your dining room.

For those seeking a more extravagant and contemporary aesthetic, we proudly present an alternative version in bold black and captivating terracotta colors. Dive into the trendsetting world of terracotta, a color that pays homage to the vibrancy of life itself.

Anesis expands the color palette with the introduction of ‘terracotta.’ This classic hue, reminiscent of deep red brick, symbolizes the power of nature and our connection to the earth beneath our feet. The rich color echoes the enduring force that sustains us, representing solidity, groundedness, and substance. ‘Terracotta’ is an organic symphony that reconnects us with the original beauty of the earth.

KAPPA collection


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