TRAVA collection

Konrad Lohöfener

The TRAVA collection, designed by Konrad Lohöfener, is inspired by the minimal lines and creative intersections found in architecture.  The idea behind the TRAVA collection was to develop a very stable, yet light-weight supporting structure of items.

The TRAVA table is a piece made out of honesty, a principle that maintains this furniture series. The table top is made of glass and all components are consciously connected with visible screws – it is the element of purity that really interests Konrad Lohöfener. The construction of the TRAVA table is not hidden, but on the contrary: it is made visible. Someone can literally read off how the table top’s weight slides over the intersections of the steel profiles and finally onto the oak legs.

The TRAVA sideboard and bench were developed following the same mentality & construction principles. Additionally, material-saving furniture and the smallest possible volume in transport will play a major role in the future, thus all individual parts of the TRAVA collection can be dismantled. This constitutes TRAVA as very space-saving when it comes to shipping. 

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