Designed by Anesis.

The Hubo is a wonderful and elegant dining table that follows the minimalism of Scandinavian design. It is a table that impresses with its simple industrial design, but also with its quality construction. Its table top can be produced in wood or in ceramic. Choose the materials that suit your space best. The Hubo is part of the Haba collection.

Technical Specification

Ceramic top
h78 | 180 x 90 cm
h78 | 200 x 100 cm
h78 | 220 x 100 cm
h78 | 230 x 100 cm
Y78 | 160 x 95 cm
Y78 | 180 x 95 cm
Y78 | 200 x 95 cm
Y78 | 200 x 100 cm
Y78 | 220 x 100 εκατοστά

Base: Solid ash wood Top: Ceramic or wood

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