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    Designed by: George Bosnas

    Introducing the Lamda chair, a contemporary marvel that seamlessly blends advanced woodworking techniques with unparalleled comfort and aesthetic harmony. Crafted with precision, its lightweight design doesn’t compromise on durability, providing steadfast support while you sit.   At first glance, the Lamda chair captivates with its unique geometry: two gracefully inclined legs converge to form elegant armrests, perfectly poised to cradle your elbows. Inspired by the fluidity of single-stroke shapes and lines, each element of the chair flows effortlessly into the next, creating a sense of continuity and grace.   But what distinguishes the Lamda chair is its association with the Greek letter “λ,” symbolizing its sleek, angular form and its roots in classical inspiration. From its inception, the chair embodies the timeless elegance and mathematical precision associated with this symbol.   Experience the perfect synthesis of form and function with the Lamda chair—a testament to the beauty of contemporary design, inspired by the age-old principles of harmony and balance.

    Technical Specification

    H86 x W58 x D62 cm


    Solid ash wood, upholstery

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