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RIDEAU table


    Designed by: DEBONADEMEO

    Introducing the RIDEAU table by Italian design duo DEBONADEMEO—a masterpiece of haute couture design, handcrafted in Greece with meticulous attention to detail. Part of the exclusive RIDEAU collection within the anesis EDGE series, this table symbolizes luxury and refinement. Crafted in premium oak and high-quality lacquer, it features glass elements and metal curved accents, striking a harmonious balance between timeless and contemporary design.

    The premium green-grey color adds sophistication, while cylindrical metal and glass legs enhance aesthetic appeal. The RIDEAU table celebrates the fusion of wood, ceramic, glass, and metal in a seamless symphony of design. Inspired by various artistic fields, it pays homage to round shapes reminiscent of Greek and Roman theatre and architecture.

    Acknowledging cultural elements like Greek arches and Roman theatres, the RIDEAU table stands as a refined statement of luxury. Its modern artistry transforms it into a living canvas, exploring the perception of spaces in both conscious and unconscious realities. In essence, the RIDEAU table becomes a manifestation of inspiration drawn from theatre, classical arches, and avant-garde exploration, resulting in a captivating piece that transcends conventional design.

    Technical Specification

    H75 | 239 x 100
    H75 | 220 x 100
    H75 | 200 x 100


    It is produced with MDF, lacquer, curved metal elements, a ceramic top, and a 15mm security extra clear glass.

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