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TARA sideboard / black finish


    Designed by: Dalibor Marek

    Feel what you see. See what you feel. Discover nature. 

    When taking a look at the TARA sideboard, the designer’s intention is clear: the viewer is pleasantly reminded of a tree. 

    Dalibor Marek wanted precisely to deliver the idea of a tree and its knots. Wood is a living, natural material. The unmistakable beauty of wood and honest craftsmanship transform into furniture in such a way that it would reach people as closely as possible, with the signature of clean shapes and a dash of originality.

    Yet, what sets the TARA sideboard apart, amidst its minimalistic aesthetics, are the enchanting tree knots. These knots, akin to nature’s quirks, are not merely decorative elements but poignant symbols. They represent the trials and tribulations a tree faces during its journey, much like our own lives. In these knots, we find intricate patterns and captivating irregularities that have emerged from the tree’s enduring spirit. Dalibor Marek was inspired by this very symbolism of resilience and transformation.

    Including these tree knots not only elevates the sideboard’s visual appeal but also carries a profound message: that from life’s challenges emerges unexpected and mesmerizing beauty, just as knots enhance the character of the wood.

    The TARA sideboard, with its distinctive tree knot-inspired design, stands as a testament to the strength and uniqueness found in nature and in the stories that reside within each tree’s growth rings and knots. It is a statement piece, drawing attention and seamlessly complementing contemporary interiors.

    TARA sideboard is suitable for residential and contract use. You can choose the wood and metal finishes that resonate with your unique space and vibe, allowing you to make this remarkable creation your own.

    Technical Specification

    220 x 50 x h77 cm
    200 x 50 x h77 cm
    180 x 50 x h77 cm



    Solid oak elements, MDF with oak veneer, and metal.
    TARA sideboard / black finish

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