Designed by Konrad Lohöfener

The TRAVA bench is a funky, but also functional twist when it comes to seating alternatives. There’s a strong likelihood that benches have perhaps never even entered your consciousness as a viable option for indoor seating, but it may be time to rethink this. When it comes to seating options, we are big proponents of designing your space for efficiency, beauty, and comfort. Every room will require something a little bit different, and looking into less common options may be exactly what your space needs.

The big advantages of the TRAVA bench are space and versatility. Pair it with the TRAVA dining table or place it alone with a wall behind – it can be just as comfortable for reclining as a wooden chair. Additionally, you can choose the wood finish colors and textiles that suit you best!

The TRAVA collection is a furniture series made of the TRAVA table, the TRAVA sideboard and the TRAVA bench.

Technical Specification

160 x 37 x h48 cm
180 x 37 x h48 cm
200 x 37 x h48 cm


Solid ash wood, metal elements, upholstery

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