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Residential project | Cyprus


Nestled in the enchanting landscape of Cyprus, this extraordinary residential project seeks to compose a harmonious symphony of natural elements and contemporary aesthetics, masterfully brought to life through the AVA furniture designs by the renowned Italian studio Lorenz+Kaz.

Crafted by the meticulous hands of Plegma architects, the space exudes an air of elegance, comfort, and modernity. To create a seamless ensemble, the architects have artfully incorporated the exquisite AVA chairs and stools.
The AVA designs showcase a perfect fusion of nature’s beauty and contemporary finesse, embodying the very essence of artful minimalism. Constructed with precision from solid ash wood and natural materials, they emanate a sense of raw beauty and unwavering strength. Lorenz+Kaz’s vision for the AVA series revolves around potent minimalist elements, elegantly eliminating all unnecessary complexities and emphasizing the graceful flow of simple yet dynamic lines. The outcome stands as a testament to design excellence and a perfect harmony at its core.

Handcrafted with utmost care from premium solid ash wood, the AVA chairs and stools promise unwavering sturdiness and everlasting delight, ensuring a lifetime of cherished moments. For this exceptional residential endeavor, the architect’s ingenious touch is reflected in the black wood finish of the AVA’s solid wood base, exuding an aura of timeless elegance. Additionally, to make a bold and expressive statement, the seating is adorned with sumptuous cobalt blue velvet, reminiscent of the captivating shades of the Aegean Sea. This luxurious addition infuses a touch of opulence and regality to the overall design, captivating the senses with its mystical and intense allure.

As Henri Matisse said: “With color, one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.” The magical interplay of the Aegean-inspired cobalt blue, harmoniously entwined with the eternal elegance of black, creates an ambiance that fills the space with boundless energy, irresistible allure, and a hint of enchantment!

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