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Κουκουνάρι restaurant

The Koukounari restaurant is located in the heart of Athens and offers a blend of fine dining & traditional cuisine. There you will find our BRACE chair that fits unpretentiously and elegantly into the space and forms the ultimate comfortable and durable choice for food lovers.


The BRACE chair is made of high-quality natural materials such as solid ash wood and high quality velvet upholstery suitable for contract use, keeping the colour scheme in natural, warm tones that invite the guests to sit back, relax and enjoy a gastronomical adventure!

The BRACE chair is an original design by Athanasios Babalis design studio. 

Salonica Restaurant & Bar, Makedonia Palace

Makedonia Palace is a 5 star, landmark hotel situated right on the seafront and next to Thessaloniki city center. It features the exceptional Salonica Restaurant & Bar, set right by the sea, offering views of the unique Thermaikos’ sunset.

The Deda architecture studio highlighting comfort and style, chose to include anesis’ LAMDA chair for decorating such an elegant and sophisticated space as the Salonica Restaurant & Bar.

The LAMDA chair in walnut finish upholstered with an earth toned fabric adds refined aesthetic to a high-class hotel. The restaurant creates a warm and inviting hub of relaxation and gastronomical joy.

The LAMDA chair is designed by George Bosnas.


Skyros has a great retreat for travelers who want to see beyond the obvious and embrace the unknown: ALERÓ. Located in Skyros island, an unrevealed gem of the Aegean sea, they redefine the standards of luxury living. Their philosophy promotes serenity & a laid-back feeling of luxury. Shaped by values such as ethos, hospitality, accountability & dedication, they blend harmoniously into the landscape and the cultural environment.


The ensemble of ALERÓ consists of different types of suite units, depending on your needs. ALERÓ redefines the standards of luxury living providing moments of unparalleled comfort, open spaces with breathtaking views, superior quality products and innumerable opportunities for relaxation. All these in a premium beachfront location with a warm and attentive service to attend to your every need.


anesis blends in with the discreet yet exclusive interior of ALERÓ with high-quality handcrafted chairs as ZOE and YOLEE, both designed by Athanasios Babalis. That way guests can indulge in style and comfort, while resting or getting ready to explore Greece!


anesis collaborated with Local, a unique store located in the heart of the city center, considered the favorite meeting point of the citizens!

The furniture is made of high-quality natural materials such as solid ash wood and vegan leather, keeping the colour scheme in warm tones. The chair LILA is grouped around custom designed tables, while the YOLEE chair in black lacquer adds a unique design flair to the space.

Athen restaurant

This exquisite Greek restaurant is located in the beautify town of Legende in Germany. Stylish, bright spaces filled with an aura of naturalness, generously offer a unique experience of the Mediterranean hospitality and intimacy.  The interior design is clear and contemporary, based on neutral colours, complemented by some luxury elements.

The values of the restaurant are also reflected through the choice of furniture with, among others, our Lamda chair, Malta stools and bespoke sofas and contract tables handcrafted by anesis.

Interior Architecture & Construction :
Eleni Tsoka | No23 Architectural Design & Construction
Photography: Nikolaou Vaios Photography

Aelios Petra, Forest Bar & Restaurant

An amazing restaurant ideal for escaping the urban fuzziness, built with a stylish architecture and using natural materials (rocks and wood), Aelios Petra offers the most magnificent balcony in the whole Thessaloniki area with exquisite Mediterranean tastes. Our Renerra chairs along with some custom designs furnish this place enhancing its luxurious, still cozy style.

Dumont Penthouse

Inspired by the skyline views of London and in particular the colours created in the early evenings in the metropolis, from dark ink to pastel blue, TG- Studio has created a sophisticated, calming and balanced mood within the Dumont Penthouse. Our Abata chair in custom finish ideally furnish its dining space.

The Abata chair is designed by Athanasios Babalis. Photos by Philip Vile.

Hydrama Grand Hotel

The sophisticated 5 stars Hydrama Grand Hotel is housed in the Spierer tobacco house; a building that was rescued and designated elegantly. It is the meeting point of contemporary West and the mystical East, creating an irresistible mix of technological completeness, luxury, history and culture in an environment of unparalleled natural beauty. Οur Renerra and Nika chair designs, along with some custom made designs suitable for this project, furnish the restaurant and room spaces.

Agora Cafe – Bar

Agora is a cafe-bar located in Skyros island, Greece. Our Arcolia chair along with some custom designs furnish the different spaces of this cosy and friendly space complementing its urban/chill decoration.

Boutique hotel

A luxurious boutique hotel, preserving the traditional architecture, decoration and aesthetics furnished appropriately by our designs. Our Nika chair furnishes appropriately the hotel’s restaurant, while the Mossa chair and Zoya armchair enhance the rest of the spaces.

Hotel Restaurant

Located in one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, this hotel restaurant is a unique place that offers contemporary comfort and ultra – stylish seafront accommodation complete with luxury services. Our custom made, minimal armchair design perfectly accompanies the vibe of such a place offering a unique and comfortable experience!

Dining Restaurant

A fine dining restaurant with an amazing view of the Mediterranean. Our custom made, handcrafted seating and table designs furnish perfectly the different areas of the restaurant and its luxury interior.

Atlantica Kalliston Resort & Spa

Atlantica Hotels & Resorts has set itself apart as an innovator in the hospitality industry by providing standard services that others consider to be added extras. The Atlantica Kalliston Resort and Spa is beautifully located on the sandy beach of Agioi Apostoloi with stunning views from around the resort, the hotel offers luxury accommodation and a relaxed environment that every adult desires on their holiday. Our Nastia chair design perfectly furnishes this hotel’s Greek restaurant and completes the absolute summer experience.


A unique custom made chair design manufactured by Anesis, furnishes this exquisite restaurant located in London, UK.

Roma Restaurant

Roma is a small Italian eatery located in the city of Kiel, Germany. Our Arcolia chair furnishes this ideal pizza location.

Panorama Restaurant

Panorama is a Greek/Mediterranean cuisine restaurant and event location with a great city view in the city of Stuttgart. Our C5 chair from our contract collection, along with other custom designs, furnish and enhance its cozy interior spaces.

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